Featured Driver

Jean McKinlay “A Labour of Love”

Jean McKinlay has been driving a DTS Bus since September 1989. At that time, there was only one small propane fueled bus which held three wheel chairs. A year later another bus was purchased and so began a journey of love and dedication to a job.

“Our clients is the reason why this is a wonderful job”. “They very much appreciate the services we as drivers give to them”.

Jean is meticulous in doing her job. Her pleasant personality, attention to every small detail and unwavering support to the client’s safety is notable on every trip.

In addition to her regular duties as a driver, Jean is the trainer of new drivers. Her patient attitude, yet firm adherence to safety contributes greatly in ensuring the driver is capable of transporting our most valuable clientele.

Jean is very humble about her contribution to the Disabled Transportation Society. As Helen Keller once said “I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but my chief duty is to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble”. That describes Jean McKinlay.

The Disabled Transportation Society of Grande Prairie is extremely proud to have someone as special as Jean McKinlay as one of their drivers. I am sure our clients are as proud and grateful to Jean for her service to them.


Featured Client

Michelle Glenn: A Success Story

Michelle has been a DTS Client for over twenty years. She is a success story to say the least. With an infectious smile, she will brighten the day for anyone she comes in contact with her. She volunteers for three different schools in Grande Prairie. She takes the DTS Bus every morning and cheerfully reports to one of the three schools. Upon arrival, she is met by a throng of children each greeting her with love and affection. She spends the morning at the schools and then takes the DTS bus, usually to the Prairie Mall where she is again met with warmth and great regard by a group of friends. She usually socializes for the remainder of the afternoon, and then takes the DTS bus back to her home.

Michelle is active in the social network and is an avid Facebook participant. She is an inspiration to anyone she crosses paths with. She has never let her disability get in the way of being a productive member of society.

The Disabled Society of Grande Prairie is extremely proud to play a part in Michelle’s mobility. She is truly a remarkable person.

Quote from Kendra, a teacher at Avondale School:

“Michelle Glenn volunteers her time at Avondale School and other schools within the district. Her dedication and enthusiasm is shown to staff and students weekly. Rain, snow or shine Michelle comes to school with a smile on her face willing to engage the children in reading. Michelle’s willingness to help sets a wonderful example for the children. Not only are they learning reading skills but also are learning about acceptance of others that have different needs than themselves. Thank you Michelle! The children and teachers appreciate you so much!”